Are you a person who loves to sing but only sings in the shower?  Or perhaps you're a person who knows your voice could be stronger, but you don't know how.  It is possible to improve range, flexibility, and style in just a few lessons!  Katy is trained in the Mix technique of singing, which means you will learn to move through your full range WITHOUT BREAKS!.  This healthy, versatile method of singing allows you to sing any style of music with ease.

Each week you will learn exercises to strengthen your voice and then apply these to a song immediately.  You will learn specific tools to help with problem areas.  You will understand voice physiology, so that you will know which exercises you need on a given day.  In addition, you will be able to attend to your voice if a problem arises and your teacher isn't there.  

Katy can help build your repertoire book, prepare you for auditions and performances, teach you to "act" a song, and help you overcome simple nerves or lifelong performance anxiety.  

Katy is especially fond of children, and teaches them in a way that is fun and SAFE for their 
young voices.  

Additionally, Katy has extensive experience at working with students with special needs.  

Whether you are 6 or 76, Katy will help you achieve your singing goals!